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The best herbal sex pill you can buy

Proprietary Blend - 550mg * Bombyx Mori Extract
* Oyster Extract
* Gougi Extract
* Yohimbi Extract
* White Willow Bark


If you are concerned about your penis size then you're not alone. Many men are concerned with their penis size with over half experiencing small penis syndrome. Statistics reveal that over time, every male's testosterone levels decrease. LibaStar is guaranteed to boost your testosterone levels thus increasing sexual drive, libido and performance. If you want to feel 18 again and have a renewed sex life, order LibaStar today.
Libastar's formula combines multiple natural agents proven to improve all aspects of male health. Libastar is an effective, safe and natural alternative that will help you achieve harder, stronger and firmer erections.

Sexual Performance

Libastar combines natural ingredients such as: Bombyx Mori Extract, Oyster Extract, Gougi Extract, Yohimbi Extract, White Willow Bark
The combination of these ingredients provide a boost to a male's testosterone levels and improve sexual performance.